ONE N ONLY provides all-encompassing travel & accommodations for music festival attendees. Our packages are thoughtfully curated to minimize the stress of planning involved by providing affordable, reliable, and seamless experiences for festival goers everywhere.

 ONE N ONLY was established with a singular vision: to make traveling to your favorite music festivals as painlessas possible. We started out as fans with a shared love for EDM and traveling to festivals around the US, and so many times throughout the planning process we found ourselves thinking, “there has to be a better way…”

 In 2012, we took it upon ourselves to create our own “better way” for EDC Las Vegas, and booked a group of travelers to join us under the electric sky. Even though it was our first time organizing something so big, before the festival was over we knew this would be the move every year after. And because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone in the group, we knew we’d have to do the same for our other favorite festivals.

 Now, twelve years on and still going strong, ONE N ONLY continues to raise the bar by creating unforgettable experiences for every event. More than comfortable, hassle-free travel & accommodations, we want every guest to feel like they’re among friends – because they are! We strive to foster a deep sense of community among our own guests, as well as give back to the larger music & festival communities which we have known, grown, and loved. It’s this sense of community that we believe sets ONO apart from the rest, and keeps so many of our guests coming back to book with us year after year.

Whether you’re joining us for the first time this year, or already part of the ONO fam returning for another amazing experience:

Thank you. We’re so glad to have you traveling with us.